I accidently sent this directly to TGL so here we go:


I am pretty sure RT can do what I am about to suggest but I know Redmine can do it. Consider the following situation:

Robert Haas posts: Parallelized Joins patch
    New issue is created (via email)
    Patch is automatically attached to issue
TGL reponds: Looks good but fix XYZ
    Issue updated
Haas posts new patch
    Issue updated
    New patch, with date automatically appended to issue
Grittner responds: Tested this, looks good, committing
    In body of email Grittner writes:
        status: committed
    Issue updated
    Status set to committed
    Issue closed

Now, take the same thing and apply it to a bug. We even have the ability to say who can assign something committed. For example, we could set it so that only the email address of the git-hook can assign a ticket committed. Other things we can do:

* Assign to specific releases
* Move issues to different trackers (not a bug, but a feature request)
* Assign issues to different committers/reviewers/users
* Relatively easy to make work as an issue/bug/commit/discussion tracker
* Easy to move patches/feature requests/bugs between trackers/releases
* East to have different trackers for different releases
* Full role and rights customization
* Interfaces with GIT
* Built in WIKI
* Runs on PostgreSQL
* Has an API
* Already works with PostgreSQL community accounts
* Hugely active community that isn't centric
* Manageable via email (requirement for most hackers)

In short, although we are talking about an issue tracker this is something that can be integrated into our existing workflow, habits of the current hackers would have to adapt not completely change.

Joshua D. Drake

EDIT: Note that I am not trying to start an argument about a bunch of different issues here. I am trying to illustrate how a properly managed system could not only integrate into but enhance our current workflow.

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