On 09/25/2015 10:27 AM, Simon Riggs wrote:

    2. There's no visibility for outsiders as to what issues are open or
    recently fixed.  Not being outsiders, I'm not sure that we are terribly
    well qualified to describe this problem precisely or identify a good
    solution --- but I grant that there's a problem there.

If they can perform "git log" they can view what has happened recently.
Tracking what might happen is much harder for active contributors.

I've never had a user ask me for such a list. All I here is compliments
that our software is incredibly robust.

The only time this info is required is for people that provide a Support
service based upon PostgreSQL, yet are not themselves sufficiently
involved to know what bugs have been reported and are as yet unfixed. I
expect such people are extremely interested in getting other people to
do things that will help their business.

I don't see a sustainable mechanism that can support the manpower
resources required to provide that information to those people, apart
from become an active contributor, or pay someone who is.

I think you are thinking of this from a very small view point. In my mind this goes way beyond a bug tracker (I assume there is a reason the individual posted and said "issue tracker").


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