* Thomas Kellerer (spam_ea...@gmx.net) wrote:
> >  And email integration for Jira is nonexistant.
> That is not true. We do have an email integration where customers can create
> issues by sending an email to a specific "Jira Email" address. And as far as
> I know this is a standard module from Atlassian. I _think_ it can also be
> configured that you can reply to the notification emails and the reply will
> be added as a comment to the issue.

I've tried to make email integration work also and it's really painful.
I agree it exists but it's not nearly as good as debbugs.

> One thing that is indeed still missing is a Git integration the way the
> Subversion integration works. Jira scans the commit messages for ticket
> numbers and automatically links an issue to the commits. 

Not hard to do w/ debbugs.



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