On 9/28/15 5:34 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Now, running gitlab on community-owned hardware would potentially be an
option, if we find gitlab attractive from a functionality standpoint.
The question I'd have about that is whether it has a real development
community, or is open-source in name only.  If github did go belly up,
would we find ourselves maintaining the gitlab code all by ourselves?
That might not be the end of the world, but it wouldn't be a good use
of community time either.

FWIW, Gitlab appears to be a completely separate company from GitHub. According to https://about.gitlab.com/about/, over 800 people have contributed to it. It actually started as an open source project.

Fundamentally, we're playing the long game here.  We do not want to make
a choice of tools that we're going to regret ten years from now.


In this case it's a question of whether we want (or think in the future we might want) the advanced features that Gitlab offers. Things like commenting directly on "patches" (really, pull requests), direct integration with the issue tracker, a CI framework, etc.

Perhaps there's not a strong desire for those features today, but tomorrow could be a very different case. I'm honestly rather shocked (plesantly) that the community is seriously considering a bug tracker, given the reaction that's happened every time in the past. I think it'd be a real shame if a few years from now the community might consider, say, pull requests instead of emailed patches... except that would mean we need Yet Another Tool. Another example is CI. Yes, we have the buildfarm, but that does nothing to prevent bitrot in patches.

Actually, now that I've poked around the site a bit, it might well be worth adopting Gitlab just to replace some of our current stand-alone tools with a single integrated solution, depending on how much time we spend maintaining all the separate stuff.
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