> My proposal in this WIP patch is to make it a bit clearer that
> 'EXCLUDED' isn't a real relation. I played around with adding a
> different rtekind, but that's too heavy a hammer. What I instead did was
> to set relkind to composite - which seems to signal pretty well that
> we're not dealing with a real relation. That immediately fixes the RLS
> issue as fireRIRrules has the following check:
>               if (rte->rtekind != RTE_RELATION ||
>                       rte->relkind != RELKIND_RELATION)
>                       continue;
> It also makes it relatively straightforward to fix the system column
> issue by adding an additional relkind check to scanRTEForColumn's system
> column handling.

That works, but also precludes referencing 'oid' in a WITH OIDs table
via EXCLUDED.oid - to me that looks correct since a to-be-inserted row
can't yet have an oid assigned. Differing opinions?


Andres Freund

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