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> Any volunteers to act as a tertiary? :)
Sure, I have 2 NS's on my network with good upstream connectivity (UUNET,


Let me know what the primary is, and what domain(s) you want.

the NS records listed in the root are:

NS-A.lerctr.org []
NS-B.lerctr.org []
right now, primary is, and the only domain I can see requiring
is the *.postgresql.org one, which should just about cover everything, and
is the only one maintained by 215.9 ...

Should I use both of the above, or which would you prefer?
Put them both in. I have a tendency to not have both down at the same time.
Looks like you need to allow me AXFR.

I've added it to both, but I'm getting no AXFR permission.


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