Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> On 10/06/2015 11:33 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> >So I am dubious that people that currently do not contribute will
> >contribute in the future just because we change the system.
> No, not just because we change the software. The mindset has to change too
> and procedures have to change too.
> That said, your argument boils down to, "I once heated water with wood and
> it didn't boil. Therefore I won't heat water again."

[I have heated water with wood till boiling point, FWIW]

> It should be, "I once heated water with wood and it didn't boil. How can I
> change my process so that it will?"

Oh, I am not saying we shouldn't have a tracker ("change the process").
I'm just saying that this particular argument for it is bogus.

> Until hackers have that mindset about all this stuff (except hacking) we
> will continue to hit walls we don't have to hit.

I personally deal with bug reports almost every day and would love to
see a change in this area.  I am not hopeful that unwashed masses will
jump to assist me (us) in keeping the bug tracker clean and useful.

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