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> standard_qp_callback() sets root->query_pathkeys to pathkeys on which the
> result of query_planner are expected be sorted upon (see the function for
> more details). The patch checks if any prefix of these pathkeys can be
> entirely evaluated using the foreign relation and at the foreign server
> under consideration. If yes, it gets estimates of costs involved and adds
> paths with those pathkeys. There can be multiple pathkeyless paths added for
> a given base relation. For every such path one path with pathkeys is added.
> If there is an index matching on the foreign server, getting the data sorted
> from foreign server improves execution time as seen from the results. The
> patch adds this functionality entirely in postgres_fdw.

In the interest of full disclosure, I asked Ashutosh to work on this
patch and have discussed the design with him several times.  I believe
that this is a good direction for PostgreSQL to be going.  It's
trivially easy right now to write a query against an FDW that performs
needlessly easy, because a join, or a sort, or an aggregate is
performed on the local server rather than the remote one.   I, and
EnterpriseDB, want that to get fixed.  However, we also want it to get
fixed in the best possible way, and not to do anything unless there is
consensus on it.  So, if anyone has opinions on this topic, please
jump in.

That having been said, here are some review comments on this patch:

- You consider pushing down ORDER BY if any prefix of the query
pathkeys satisfy is_foreign_expr(), but that doesn't seem right to me.
If the user says SELECT * FROM remotetab ORDER BY a, unsafe(a),
ordering the result set by a doesn't help us much.  We've talked a few
times about an incremental sort capability that would take a stream of
tuples already ordered by one or more columns and sort each group by
additional columns, but I don't think we have that currently.  Without
that capability, I don't think there's much benefit in sorting by a
prefix of the pathkeys.  I suspect that if we can't get them all, it's
not worth doing.

- Right now, you have this code below the point where we bail out if
use_remote_estimate is not set.  If we keep it like that, the comment
needs updating.  But I suggest that we consider an ordered path even
if we are not using remote estimates.  Estimate the sorted path to
cost somewhat more than the unsorted path, so that we only choose that
path if the sort actually benefits us.  I don't know exactly how to
come up with a principled estimate given that we don't actually know
whether the remote side will need an extra sort or not, but maybe a
dumb estimate is still better than not trying a sorted path.

- In the long run, we should probably either add some configuration so
that the local side can make better estimates even without
use_remote_estimate, or maybe have a way for the FDW to keep a cache
of data in the system catalogs that is updated by ANALYZE.  Then,
analyzing a foreign table could store information locally about
indexes and so forth, instead of starting each query planning cycle
with no knowledge about the remote side.  That's not a matter for this
patch, I don't think, but it seems like something we should do.

Robert Haas
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