On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 12:43 PM, David Christensen <da...@endpoint.com> wrote:
> I’m happy to move it around, but If everything is in order, how will this 
> affect things at all?  If we’re in a good state this condition should never 
> trigger.

Right, but I think it ought to be Catalog.pm's job to parse the config
file.  The job of complaining about what it contains is a job worth
doing, but it's not the same job.  Personally, I hate it when parsers
take it upon themselves to do semantic analysis, because then what
happens if you want to write, say, a tool to repair a broken file?
You need to be able to read it in without erroring out so that you can
frob whatever's busted and write it back out, and the parser is
getting in your way.  Maybe that's not going to come up here, but I'm
just explaining my general philosophy on these things...

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