Robert Haas wrote:

> I think some more interesting questions are:
> - Did he implement this correctly?
> - Would it break anything?
> - Are there lots of other knobs we should expose too instead of just one?
> - What would it take to turn this into a committable patch?
> - Would the cost of exposing this and perhaps some other knobs cost
> too much in performance for the number of people it would make happy?
> - If so, should the behavior be GUC-controlled or is there
> justification for arguing we should drop the whole patch?

I agree with this set of questions -- the idea behind the patch seemed
quite reasonable to me.

> I feel like we've got somebody new showing up to our community with an
> idea that is not obviously stupid.  If we want such people to stick
> around, we should try to give their ideas a fair shake.

+1 to this, too.

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