On 10/19/15 1:09 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
             What I was trying to say is that if the argument to a USING
             is NULL then RAISE should skip over it, as if it hadn't
        been applied
             at all. Similar to how the code currently tests for \0.

        I understand, but I don't prefer this behave. The NULL is
        strange value
        and should be signalized.

    So instead of raising the message we wanted, we throw a completely
    different exception? How does that make sense?

It is partially wrong because we handle all fields same. It has sense
for "message" fields, and has not sense for other fields. In this case
the text "NULL" will be better.

I fail to see how doing


is much better than just not raising a HINT at all...

    More to the point, if RAISE operated this way then it would be
    trivial to create a fully functional plpgsql wrapper around it.

I have a different opinion - better to have propossed function in core.
What I know, the NULL is not use in Postgres as "ignore value", and I am
thinking, it is good idea.

Normally I'd agree, but in this case I think it's inline with what the C code is already doing by testing for \0.

I suppose if we get the function it's not that bad since at least we get the functionality, so I'll stop arguing it.
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