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2. Using this function, if we provide any "NULL" argument to the function,
  we should either skip it or report it. I see this is what the function
is doing.

postgres=# SELECT pg_report_log('INFO', 'NULL', false, NULL, NULL);

postgres=# SELECT pg_report_log('INFO', 'NULL', false, 'NULL', 'NULL');
DETAIL:  NULL /-- Are you suggesting to change this behaviour/

It should operate the same as what was decided for RAISE.

I'd say it should also support the remaining RAISE options as well (COLUMN, CONSTRAINT, DATATYPE, TABLE, SCHEMA).

I think hide_statement is a better name than ishidestmt. It would be nice if RAISE supported that too...

I think the function should also allow specifying a condition name instead of a SQL state, same as RAISE does.

In other words, this function and raise should operate exactly the same unless there's a really strong reason not to. Otherwise it's just going to create confusion.
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