On 21-10-2015 18:36, Andres Freund wrote:
On 2015-10-21 11:52:31 -0300, Euler Taveira wrote:
While testing wal2json, I faced some problems with pg_recvlogical. Attached
is a serie of patches that can improve pg_recvlogical. Patches #2 and #3 are
bugfixes (and should be applied to 9.5 too). Patch #1 is not mandatory to

#1: add a bunch of checks to complain when using an option that is not
available in the specified action;

I'm not a fan of doing that. Doing that for every option tends to be
more annoying than helpful. E.g. pgbench's checks requires you to
pointlessly remove a lot of harmless options just to be able to pass -i.

Your comparison is not fair (8 x 28 options). I tend to agree that a lot of check is not nice to maintain. However, it is a good UI practice.

#2: there is a wrong check because startpos option can be specified with

#3: doesn't ignore startpos in --create-slot because that action could be
specified together with --start action (that uses that option);

It doesn't make sense to specify it with --create-slot though - you
can't even know what a the start position would mean before the slot is
created. You can't get older records than the ones at slot creation
time, and you can't know what a feature xlog position would mean.

If it doesn't make sense, why --create-slot can be specified together with --start at all? Maybe a comment could clarify your point (circa line 902) because it is not clear in docs that a past LSN could not be specified or even a future LSN when both options are specified together.

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