On 2015.10.14 at 13:41:51 +0300, Victor Wagner wrote:

Attached patch which implements client library failover and
loadbalancing as was described in the proposal

I'm sending imporoved verison of patch. As Olexander Shulgin noted,
previous version of patch lacks support for service files.

Now support for service files is implemented and multiple host
statements in the service file are allowed.

A couple of minor nits:

When you call pg_is_in_recovery(), you should schema-qualify the function name, just in case some other version of that function exists in the search_path.

Also, pg_is_in_recovery() returns a boolean value - PQgetvalue() will not return "true" or "false", it will return "t" or "f".

And, you have a bit of garbage in the patch (the patch inserts UNIXSOCK_PATH(portstr, portnum, conn->pgunixsocket); in the header comment at the top of fe-connect.c).

                        -- Korry

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