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d> > Now support for service files is implemented and multiple host
> > statements in the service file are allowed.
> A couple of minor nits:
> When you call pg_is_in_recovery(), you should schema-qualify the 
> function name, just in case some other version of that function
> exists in the search_path.
> Also, pg_is_in_recovery() returns a boolean value - PQgetvalue() will 
> not return "true" or "false", it will return "t" or "f".
> And, you have a bit of garbage in the patch (the patch inserts 
> UNIXSOCK_PATH(portstr, portnum, conn->pgunixsocket); in the header 
> comment at the top of fe-connect.c).

Thanks, I'd address this issues in the next version of path.

                                   Victor Wagner <vi...@wagner.pp.ru>

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