On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 1:32 AM, Marko Tiikkaja <ma...@joh.to> wrote:
>> 2. If you're the sort of person liable to be confused by t/f, you
>> probably aren't in the target audience for psql anyway.
> Really?  The difference between t/f is that the vertical squiggle is
> flipped, THAT'S IT.  Consider:
> t t f f f
> f t f t f
> Saying that I'm not target audience for not being able to see WTF is going
> on above I find offending.

Sorry, no offense intended.  It's really just never happened to me
that I've had a problem with this, and I've been using psql for quite
a few years now.  I do agree that if you have a bunch of values in a
row it's more apt to be confusing than with just one, but they won't
normally be as closely spaced as you have them there, because psql
inserts spacing and borders and column headers are usually more than
one character.

But I don't really want to argue about this.  I respect your opinion,
and I've given you mine, and wherever we end up based on the opinions
of others is OK with me.

Robert Haas
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