Please find attached an updated patch.

>Flag isn't reset on error.
Corrected in the attached.

> +     pgstat_reset_activityflag;
>Does this actually compile?
It does compile but with no effect.  It has been corrected.

>snprintf()?  I don't think you need to keep track of schemaname_len at all.
memcpy() has been replaced by snprintf() to avoid calculating schemaname_len.

>In fact, I wonder if you need to send total_pages at all -- surely the client 
>can add both total_heap_pages and total_index_pages by itself ...
This has  been corrected in the attached patch.

>It seems a bit strange that the remaining progress_param entries are not 
>initialized to anything.  Also, why aren't the number of params of each type 
>saved too?  
The number of params for each command remains constant hence it has been 

>In the receiving code you check whether each value equals 0, and if it does 
>then report NULL, but imagine vacuuming a table with no indexes where the 
>number of index pages is going to be zero.
>Shouldn't we display zero there rather than null?
Agree.  IIUC, NULL should rather be used when a value is invalid. But for valid 
values like 'zero index pages' it is clearer to display 0. It has been 
corrected in the attached. 

>This patch lacks a comment somewhere explaining how this whole thing works.
Have added few lines in pgstat.h inside PgBackendStatus struct.

>I believe you don't need this include.

>This not only adds an unnecessary empty line at the end of the struct 
>declaration, but also fails to preserve the "st_" prefix used in all the other 

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

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