On 2015/11/03 22:15, Kouhei Kaigai wrote:
A challenge is that junk wholerow references on behalf of ROW_MARK_COPY
are injected by preprocess_targetlist(). It is earlier than the main path
consideration by query_planner(), thus, it is not predictable how remote
query shall be executed at this point.
If ROW_MARK_COPY, base tuple image is fetched using this junk attribute.
So, here is two options if we allow to put joined tuple on either of

options-1) We ignore record type definition. FDW returns a joined tuple
towards the whole-row reference of either of the base relations in this
join. The junk attribute shall be filtered out eventually and only FDW
driver shall see, so it is harmless to do (probably).
This option takes no big changes, however, we need a little brave to adopt.

options-2) We allow FDW/CSP to adjust target-list of the relevant nodes
after these paths get chosen by planner. It enables to remove whole-row
reference of base relations and add alternative whole-row reference instead
if FDW/CSP can support it.
This feature can be relevant to target-list push-down to the remote side,
not only EPQ rechecks, because adjustment of target-list means we allows
FDW/CSP to determine which expression shall be executed locally, or shall
not be.
I think, this option is more straightforward, however, needs a little bit
deeper consideration, because we have to design the best hook point and
need to ensure how path-ification will perform.

Therefore, I think we need two steps towards the entire solution.
Step-1) FDW/CSP will recheck base EPQ tuples and support local
reconstruction on the fly. It does not need something special
enhancement on the planner - so we can fix up by v9.5 release.
Step-2) FDW/CSP will support adjustment of target-list to add whole-row
reference of joined tuple instead of multiple base relations, then FDW/CSP
will be able to put a joined tuple on either of EPQ slot if it wants - it
takes a new feature enhancement, so v9.6 is a suitable timeline.

How about your opinion towards the direction?
I don't want to drop extra optimization opportunity, however, we are now in
November. I don't have enough brave to add none-obvious new feature here.

I think we need to consider a general solution that can be applied not only to the case where the component tables in a foreign join all use ROW_MARK_COPY but to the case where those tables use different rowmark types such as ROW_MARK_COPY and ROW_MARK_EXCLUSIVE, as I pointed out upthread.

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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