On 2015/11/09 9:26, Kouhei Kaigai wrote:
I think ForeignRecheck should first call ExecQual to test
fdw_recheck_quals.  If it returns false, return false.  If it returns
true, then give the FDW callback a chance, if one is defined.  If that
returns false, return false.   If we haven't yet returned false,
return true.

I think ExecQual on fdw_recheck_quals shall be called next to the
RecheckForeignScan callback, because econtext->ecxt_scantuple shall
not be reconstructed unless RecheckForeignScan callback is not called
if scanrelid==0.

I agree with KaiGai-san. I think we can define fdw_recheck_quals for the foreign-join case as quals not in scan.plan.qual, the same way as the simple foreign scan case. (In other words, the quals would be defind as "otherclauses", ie, rinfo->is_pushed_down=true, that have been pushed down to the remote server. For checking the fdw_recheck_quals, however, I think we should reconstruct the join tuple first, which I think is essential for cases where an outer join is performed remotely, to avoid changing the semantics. BTW, in my patch [1], a secondary plan will be created to evaluate such otherclauses after reconstructing the join tuple.

The attached patch is an adjusted version of the previous one.
Even though it co-exists a new callback and fdw_recheck_quals,
the callback is kicked first as follows.

Thanks for the patch!

----------------<cut here>----------------
@@ -85,6 +86,18 @@ ForeignRecheck(ForeignScanState *node, TupleTableSlot *slot)


+       /*
+        * FDW driver has to recheck visibility of EPQ tuple towards
+        * the scan qualifiers once it gets pushed down.
+        * In addition, if this node represents a join sub-tree, not
+        * a scan, FDW driver is also responsible to reconstruct
+        * a joined tuple according to the primitive EPQ tuples.
+        */
+       if (fdwroutine->RecheckForeignScan)
+       {
+               if (!fdwroutine->RecheckForeignScan(node, slot))
+                       return false;
+       }
        return ExecQual(node->fdw_recheck_quals, econtext, false);
----------------<cut here>----------------

If callback is invoked first, FDW driver can reconstruct a joined tuple
with its comfortable way, then remaining checks can be done by ExecQual
and fds_recheck_quals on the caller side.
If callback would be located on the tail, FDW driver has no choice.

To test this change, I think we should update the postgres_fdw patch so as to add the RecheckForeignScan.

Having said that, as I said previously, I don't see much value in adding the callback routine, to be honest. I know KaiGai-san considers that that would be useful for custom joins, but I don't think that that would be useful even for foreign joins, because I think that in case of foreign joins, the practical implementation of that routine in FDWs would be to create a secondary plan and execute that plan by performing ExecProcNode, as my patch does [1]. Maybe I'm missing something, though.

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

[1] http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/5624d583.10...@lab.ntt.co.jp

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