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> On 11/04/2015 04:09 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
> > I am looking on this last patch. I talked about the name of this command
> > with more people, and the name "rotate" is unhappy. The correct name for
> > this visualization technique is "crosstab" (see google "crosstab"). The
> > conflict with our extension is unhappy, but using "rotate" is more worst
> > - (see google "rotate"). The term "rotate" is used less time (related to
> > topic), and usually with zero informed people. More, in attached doc,
> > the word "crosstab" is pretty often used, and then the word "rotate" has
> > not sense.
> Apologies if this has already been suggested (as I have not followed the
> entire thread), but if you don't want to conflict with the name
> crosstab, perhaps "pivot" would be better?

it is between "rotate" and "crosstab". This name is related to PIVOT
operator, what is feature that we want, but it isn't hard problem because
we have COPY statement and \copy and we can live with it too.

If I understand to text on wiki, the name is used for tool, that can do
little bit more things, but it is often used for this technique (so it is
much better than "rotate"). I don't understand well, why "crosstab" is too
wrong name. This is pretty similar to COPY - and I know, so in first
minutes hard to explain this difference between COPY and \copy to
beginners, but after day of using there is not any problem.



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