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>> But some options control how
>> next host should be choosen (i.e. use random order for load-balancing
>> or sequential order for high availability), so they should be specified
>> only once per connect string.
> But this seems like a point worthy of consideration.

This makes me think that trying to wedge this into the current API
using a funky connection string format might be a mistake.

Lots of these issues would go away if you could provide more than just
a connstring.

>> Third category of options are specified per-cluster much more often
>> than per node. But are quite often changed from compiled in default.
> This, too.

Like this. If you have a global set of connection options, then
per-connection options, it's a lot simpler.

I guess that can be hacked in with a more dramatic change in the
connstring format, otherwise, incorporating subsections or something.
I'm not keen on doing anything like that, but there are all sorts of

"global:[user=fred port=5432] host1:[host=somehost user=user1]

(puts head in brown paper bag)

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