On 11/3/15 8:44 AM, Merlin Moncure wrote:
Actually, one other thing that would help is to have the ability to turn
>this into an ERROR:
>WARNING:  there is already a transaction in progress
curious: does the SQL standard define this behavior?

Anyways, we've pretty studiously avoided (minus a couple of
anachronisms) .conf setting thats control behavior of SQL commands in
a non performance way.

If we had an event trigger on BEGIN and a way to tell whether we were already in a transaction this wouldn't need to be a config setting.

IMO, this as yet another case for 'stored procedures' that can manage
transaction state: you could rig up your own procedure: CALL
begin_tx_safe(); which would test transaction state and fail if
already in one.  This doesn't help you if you're not in direct control
of application generated SQL but it's a start.  Barring that, at least

Even then it would be very easy to mess this up.

warnings tend to stand out in the database log.

That depends greatly on how much other stuff is in the log. Something else I wish we had was the ability to send different log output to different places.
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