> > It also logged that it was killed with signal 9, although I
> didn't kill it!
> > Is there something weird going on here?
> Is this Linux?  The Linux kernel seems to think that killing
> randomly-chosen processes with SIGKILL is an appropriate response to
> running out of memory.  I cannot offhand think of a more brain-dead
> behavior in any OS living or dead, but that's what it does.

No, FreeBSD.  It does the same thing as Linux.

What happened is that the postmaster got confused by lots of kill requests
from the kernel I think so I ended up with 3 of them running.

But then I killed them all manually, ipcclean'd and restarted postmaster
cleanly.  Then, a few minutes later I saw that.  However, I might be getting
mixed up as to the order of events, so it is probably me or the kernel doing


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