Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for your answers. It rings a bell.

> Finally, when you display East Asian characters you will
> have a font problem because the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters
> are mapped to the same range in Unicode but you are supposed to use
> country-specific glyphs.

Do you mean that glyph hexaX will display differently in UTF-8 and EUC_JP? If 
it is really the case, we cannot use UTF-8.

> Round-trip conversion is not safely possible, so if your tool provides a 
> read/edit/write tool then you will have problems.

Maybe we could use "getdatabaseencoding()" to determine the dabase encoding 
and generate HTML pages with the corresponding headers. Example: Latin1 
database <-> ISOS-8859-1 headers.

The problem is that PhpPgAdmin interface needs to be localized in several 
languages, not related to database encoding. Example: EUC_JP interface and 
Latin1 databases.

Maybe a solution would be to use the ISO 10646 notation for PhpPgAdmin 
interface localization:  "&#XH;", where H is a hexadecimal number.

Jean-MIchel POURE

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