On 9/11/15 12:25 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
new update of parse_ident function patch

Nice!  I've certainly wanted something like this a number of times.

Some comments about the v2 of the patch:

   - The patch doesn't apply anymore, so it should be rebased.
- The docs don't even try and explain what the "strictmode" parameter does. - The comment before the parse_ident function is not up to date anymore, since "the rest" was removed from the interface. - I can't immediately grep for any uses of do { .. } while (true) from our code base. AFAICT the majority look like for (;;); I see no reason not to be consistent here. - What should happen if the input is a string like 'one.two.three.four.five.six'? Do we want to accept input like that? - I haven't reviewed the actual parsing code carefully, but didn't we already have a function which splits identifiers up? I of course can't find one with my grepping right now, so I might be wrong.


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