> 1. -c no longer implies --no-psqlrc.  That's a backwards incompatibility,
> but very easy to explain and very easy to work around.
This can be very surprising change. Can we disable it temporary by some
environment variable? like NOPSQLRC ?

> 2. You can have multiple -c and/or -f.  Each -c is processed in
> the traditional way, ie, either it's a single backslash command
> or it's sent in a single PQexec.  That doesn't seem to me to have
> much impact on the behavior of adjacent -c or -f.
> 3. If you combine -1 with -c and/or -f, you get one BEGIN inserted
> at the beginning and one COMMIT at the end.  Nothing else changes.
> As long as you put only one SQL command per -c, I don't think that
> this definition has any real surprises.  And we can discourage
> people from putting more than one, saying that that will invoke
> legacy behaviors you probably don't want.



>                         regards, tom lane

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