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> > So, are you suggesting to make a patch that allows ForeignScan to have
> > multiple sub-plans right now? Or, one sub-plan?
> Two:
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CA+TgmoYZeje+ot1kX4wdoB7R7DPS0CWXAzfqZ-
> 14ykfkgkr...@mail.gmail.com
Hmm. Two is a bit mysterious for me because two sub-plans (likely)
means this ForeignScan node checks join clauses and reconstruct
a joined tuple by itself but does not check scan clauses pushed-
down (it is job of inner/outer scan plan, isn't it?).
In this case, how do we treat N-way remote join cases (N>2) if we
assume such a capability in FDW driver?

One subplan means FDW driver run an entire join sub-tree with local
alternative sub-plan; that is my expectation for the majority case.
However, I cannot explain two subplans, but not multiple, well.

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