On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 10:22 PM, Kouhei Kaigai <kai...@ak.jp.nec.com> wrote:
> Apart from EPQ rechecks, the above aggressive push-down idea allows to send
> contents of multiple relations to the remote side. In this case, ForeignScan
> needs to have multiple sub-plans.
> For example, please assume here is three relations; tbl_A and tbl_B are
> local and small, tbl_F is remote and large.
> In case when both of (tbl_A JOIN tbl_F) and (tbl_B JOIN tbl_F) produces
> large number of rows thus consumes deserved amount of network traffic but
> (tbl_A JOIN tbl_B JOIN tbl_F) produce small number of rows, the optimal
> strategy is to send local contents to the remote side once then run
> a remote query here to produce relatively smaller rows.
> In the implementation level, ForeignScan shall represent (tbl_A JOIN tbl_B
> JOIN tbl_F), then it returns a bunch of joined tuples. Its remote query
> contains VALUES(...) clauses to pack contents of the tbl_A and tbl_B, thus,
> it needs to be capable to execute underlying multiple scan plans and fetch
> tuples prior to remote query execution.

Hmm, maybe.  I'm not entirely sure multiple subplans is the best way
to implement that, but let's argue about that another day.

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