On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 12:11:00PM -0500, David Steele wrote:
> I fixed many of the issues that caused complaints at the end of the 9.5
> cycle, but there are still two remaining items I would want to address
> before resubmitting:
> 1) There was concern about audit messages being sent to the clients.
> I'm looking at adding an option to the ereport macro to suppress sending
> messages to the clients.  I'll submit that patch soon.

I don't object to audit messages being client-visible; did anyone feel that
was a blocker?  I did make a related point, namely, the documentation must not
assert that you can hide messages from clients if you in fact cannot.

> 2) I would like make install-check to work with modules that require
> shared_preload_libraries.  My understanding is that Andrew may have already
> fixed this, but if not I'll look into it.

It would be nice to standardize a pattern for that, agreed.

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