Yahoo recently changed their DMARC policy, and after some
investigation and a support case with Yahoo, it is now clear that
their email systems can no longer be used with the
lists.  I've migrated from to

In the process I noticed that some people have been sending mail
intended for my attention to the address that I
migrated from years ago.  Because of MajorDomo elimination of
duplicates, replying to a COMMITTERS message and adding my old
email address caused it to go to the email equivalent of /dev/null.
Apologies for what I missed due to that.  I've dropped old
addresses from the MajorDomo aliases list, which should help
prevent a recurrence.

You may want to to purge the old addresses from any address book
entries for me.  After a little settling time I will set up
auto-reply messages to point anyone who sends to the addresses to
the current address.

Kevin Grittner
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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