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> Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > That's a direct effect of the dmarc policy change. Yahoo no longer
> supports
> > their customers using mailing lists. They changed their policies for such
> > emails to hard reject, which makes Gmail (and presumably others) stick
> them
> > in spam.. It would happen to all the emails except the ones where you are
> > on direct cc.
> FWIW we've been rejecting posts coming from @yahoo.com addresses for a
> long time now, since DMARC was first introduced.  We didn't get around
> to blocking other domains owned by Yahoo such as ymail.com or national
> yahoo subdomains, but I assume (without checking) that those will cause
> trouble too and we will have to block them out in order not to fill our
> queues with useless bounces.

Yes. The difference is they changed it from a soft fail to a hard reject,
AIUI. From all of their domains (Kevin forwarded me the responses from
Yahoo support). So the problem got worse, but it's the same basic one.

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