Greg Stark <> writes:
> It'll still mess up everyone's contact book which will fill up with
> these fake email addresses. And the Reply-To will mean private
> responses will go to the list.

Yeah, it's not pretty.  But I'm not sure we're gonna have much choice
if Gmail changes their policy.

> Fwiw I'm all for dropping the footer and the [HACKERS] which are both
> ill-advised imho. But modifying the From: header seems really broken.

IMO the footer is a *very* good idea; when we started using the current
form of that, it greatly reduced the amount of "how do I unsubscribe"
noise.  But having said that, it probably wouldn't need to be on every
message to be effective.  I personally like the subject-munging but
could live without it.

[ thinks for a bit... ]  I wonder whether we could do something like this:

* Leave the From: and Reply-To: alone.

* Add the footer only if the message isn't DKIM-signed.

* Give up Subject-munging.  (Munging only non-signed messages would be
way too confusing.)

I think that would put us in a situation where DKIM signatures would still
pass, at least unless the source insisted on signing Sender: too.  We
might still have some issues with SPF checks, but not breaking DKIM would
be a step forward.

If things change to the point where only a small minority of messages get
the footers because most people are using DKIM, then we might have to
reconsider that part.  But that seems far away yet.

                        regards, tom lane

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