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> > well not changing the subject seems like something we could do without
> > fuss - not changing the body would likely mean we would (again) get a
> > number of people asking "how do I unsubscribe", but maybe we will have
> > to live with that.
> I've never thought the footer actually helped with that. We still get
> plenty of such emails anyways.

We used to get more of them. Whether it's because of this or just because
people are more used to it is a different question of course.

> On a hopeful note if the emails pass DKIM I wonder if our
> List-Unsubscribe link will start working. It should be making an
> "Unsubscribe" button appear in Gmail but doesn't currently seem to
> work. It's not clear if it will though since Gmail seems to think it's
> associated with the sender -- i.e. that all emails are spam.

Do you have any examples of lists where it *does* work? LIke, could it be
because our list-unsubscribe links are mailto: links and not http(s) links
for example?

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