On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 6:08 AM, Teodor Sigaev <teo...@sigaev.ru> wrote:
> YUriy Zhuravlev wrote:
>> On Friday 06 November 2015 12:55:44 you wrote:
>>> Omitted bounds are common in other languages and would be handy. I
>>> don't think they'd cause any issues with multi-dimensional arrays or
>>> variable start-pos arrays.
>> And yet, what about my patch?
> My vote: let us do it, mean, omitting bounds. It simplifies syntax in rather
> popular queries.

+1  useful and intuitive

>> Discussions about ~ and{:} it seems optional.
> ~ is allowed as unary operator and therefore such syntax will introduce
> incompatibily/ambiguity.

+1  IMO this line of thinking is a dead end.  Better handled via
functions, not syntax


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