Well, it's December nearly, and we don't seem to be making much progress
towards pushing out 9.5.0.  I see the following items on

* Open Row-Level Security Issues

Seems like what's left here is only documentation fixes, but they still
need to get done.

* DDL deparsing testing module should have detected that transforms were not 
supported, but it failed to notice that

Is this really a release blocker?  As a testing matter, it seems like any
fix would go into HEAD only.

* Foreign join pushdown vs EvalPlanQual

Is this fixed by 5fc4c26db?  If not, what remains to do?

* pg_rewind exiting with error code 1 when source and target are on the same 

Is this a new-in-9.5 bug, or a pre-existing problem?  If the latter,
I'm not sure it's a release blocker.

* psql extended wrapped format off by one error in line wrapping

There's a submitted patch, so I'll take a look at whether it's pushable.

* Finish multixact truncation rework

We're not seriously going to push something this large into 9.5 at this
point, are we?

* another strange behavior with track_commit_timestamp

Where are we on this?

* Relation files of unlogged relation for btree and spgist indexes not 
initialized after promotion

Again, is this a release blocker?  It's evidently a very old bug.

                        regards, tom lane

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