Stephen Frost <> writes:
> * Tom Lane ( wrote:
>> If you're speaking of section 20.4, that text is all my fault ... but
>> I'm not clear on what you think needs to be added?  The first DROP OWNED
>> BY will take care of any privileges on shared objects, so I didn't really
>> think we need to burden the recipe with that detail.

> Specifically this:
> ...
> Isn't quite right, as databases which are owned by the role you're
> trying to get rid of won't be dropped.

Ah, good point.  I'll add something about that.  I'm not sure that we
should talk about shared objects in general, since as you say databases
are the only instance.  It would feel like handwaving I think.  The point
of that section IMO is to be as concrete as we can be about how to drop
a role.

                        regards, tom lane

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