On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 5:27 AM, Kouhei Kaigai <kai...@ak.jp.nec.com> wrote:
> I'm now implementing. The above design perfectly works on ForeignScan.
> On the other hands, I'd like to have deeper consideration for CustomScan.
> My recent patch adds LibraryName and SymbolName on CustomScanMethods
> to lookup the method table even if library is not loaded yet.
> However, this ExtensibleNodeMethods relies custom scan provider shall
> be loaded, by parallel infrastructure, prior to the deserialization.
> It means extension has a chance to register itself as well.
> My idea is, redefine CustomScanMethod as follows:
> typedef struct ExtensibleNodeMethods
> {
>     const char *extnodename;
>     Size        node_size;
>     Node     *(*nodeCopy)(const Node *from);
>     bool      (*nodeEqual)(const Node *a, const Node *b);
>     void      (*nodeOut)(struct StringInfoData *str, const Node *node);
>     void      (*nodeRead)(Node *node);
> } ExtensibleNodeMethods;
> typedef struct CustomScanMethods
> {
>     union {
>         const char *CustomName;
>         ExtensibleNodeMethods  xnode;
>     };
>     /* Create execution state (CustomScanState) from a CustomScan plan node */
>     Node       *(*CreateCustomScanState) (struct CustomScan *cscan);
> } CustomScanMethods;
> It allows to pull CustomScanMethods using GetExtensibleNodeMethods
> by CustomName; that is alias of extnodename in ExtensibleNodeMethods.
> Thus, we don't need to care about LibraryName and SymbolName.
> This kind of trick is not needed for ForeignScan because all the pointer
> stuff are reproducible by catalog, however, method table of CustomScan
> is not.
> How about your opinion?

Anonymous unions are not C89, so this is a no-go.

I think we should just drop CustomName and replace it with
ExtensibleNodeMethods.  That will break things for third-party code
that is using the existing CustomScan stuff, but there's a good chance
that nobody other than you has written any such code.  And even if
someone has, updating it for this change will not be very difficult.

Robert Haas
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