On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 2:56 PM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> "David E. Wheeler" <da...@justatheory.com> writes:
>> Looks like Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan has remove the OpenSSL header files. 
>> They recommend building your own or using native OS X SDKs, like Secure 
>> Transport:
>>   http://lists.apple.com/archives/macnetworkprog/2015/Jun/msg00025.html
> That's annoying.
>> I don’t suppose anyone has looked at what it would take to get PostgreSQL 
>> use Secure Transport, right?
> This is going to put a bit more urgency into the project Heikki had been
> working on to allow use of more than one SSL implementation.  I can't
> really see us back-porting that, though, which is going to leave things
> in a fairly nasty place for all pre-9.6 branches ...

I think it'd be great to finish that project, but having to use
MacPorts to install the headers isn't really a big deal, is it?

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