I just noticed that last night all built branches failed on my buildfarm animal, jaguarundi. They all failed on the "xml" test, and the output is essentially the same everywhere:

*** 9,16 ****
  LINE 1: INSERT INTO xmltest VALUES (3, '<wrong');
  DETAIL:  line 1: Couldn't find end of Start Tag wrong line 1
- <wrong
-       ^
  SELECT * FROM xmltest;
   id |        data
--- 9,14 ----
*** 63,70 ****
  LINE 1: SELECT xmlconcat('bad', '<syntax');
  DETAIL:  line 1: Couldn't find end of Start Tag syntax line 1
- <syntax
-        ^
SELECT xmlconcat('<foo/>', NULL, '<?xml version="1.1" standalone="no"?><bar/>');

The last thing I did in regard to XML on this system was upgrade libxml2 from 2.9.2 to 2.9.3. I bisected it a a bit and the guilty commit to libxml2 is ce0b0d0d8 "Do not print error context when there is none" from about two weeks ago.

I have zero experience with libxml2, so no idea if the previous context level can be turned on again. IMHO, the libxml2 change is a bug in itself; PostgreSQL's error messages are more readable with the XML text in them.


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