Merlin Moncure <> writes:
> Aside from the functional issues, could your changes result in
> performance regressions? (if so, I'd argue not to backpatch unless
> there were cases that returned bad data as opposed to spurious
> errors).

I can't say that I think planner failures on valid queries is something
that's optional to fix.  However, I believe that this will typically
not change the selected plan in cases where the planner didn't fail
before.  I did notice one change in an existing regression test, where
the planner pushed a qual clause further down in the plan than it did
before; but that seems like a better plan anyway.  (The reason that
happened is that the changes to enlarge the minimum parameterization
of some base rels result in choosing to push qualifiers further down,
since a qual clause will be evaluated at the lowest plan level that
the selected parameterization allows.)

It's a little bit harder to gauge the impact on planner speed.  The
transitive closure calculation could be expensive in a query with many
lateral references, but that doesn't seem likely to be common; and anyway
we'll buy back some of that cost due to simpler tests later.  I'm
optimistic that we'll come out ahead in HEAD/9.5 after the removal
of LateralJoinInfo setup.  It might be roughly a wash in the back

                        regards, tom lane

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