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> But is it important enough to be worthwhile?  Maybe, maybe not.  I
> think we should be working toward a world where the Gather is at the
> top of the plan tree as often as possible, in which case
> asynchronously kicking off a Gather node won't be that exciting any
> more - see notes on the "parallelism + sorting" thread where I talk
> about primitives that would allow massively parallel merge joins,
> rather than 2 or 3 way parallel.  From my point of view, the case
> where we really need some kind of asynchronous execution solution is a
> ForeignScan, and in particular a ForeignScan which is the child of an
> Append.  In that case it's obviously really useful to be able to kick
> off all the foreign scans and then return a tuple from whichever one
> coughs it up first.

How will this be better than doing the same thing in a way we have done
Parallel Sequential Scan at ExecutorRun() time?

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