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> I have no problem with ads being put there, but they should load at
> least as fast as the rest of the site.  They do so currently, but not
> always, it seems...

The ads are coming from another site, ads.area902.com; thus they are at the 
mercy of the speed of that site. However, from the Area902.com home page:

"Welcome to area902.com. Our site is a new way to understand more about 
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Area902.Com is a Free Service provided by Hub.Org Networking Services"

Because hub.org is also displaying the postgresql.org page on the same subnet, 
so the disparity should in theory be quite controllable. *If* we are going 
to keep the ads (and my vote is a strong nay), can we not just have them 
served from the same computer and domain?

> FTP is just over 800MB, plan for growth.
> WEB is just over 90MB, can't tell you what to plan for there.

Sorry to be dense, but what time period is this for?

> On www/ftp.us I don't even notice the bandwidth, it's less than the normal
> traffic for Pop4 (an ISP) and the streaming audio uses up even more than
> that.

Sounds like the mirrors could easily absorb more of the traffic from the 
main page, especially once we get an easier mirroring system in place.

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