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> And there was a statement upthread from someone (Marc?) 
> indicating that the bandwidth was down in the noise for them 
> (as an ISP).

I think that was Vince talking about 1 mirror. The January stats to date
(bear in mind it didn't go live until the 4/5th Jan), for the Portal and
idocs *only* (ie, not including gborg, techdocs, developer, user-lounge,
archives, fts, pgadmin, odbc, jdbc or ftp) are:

Total Hits 1339547 
Total Files 1064536 
Total Pages 324346 
Total Visits 58178 
Total KBytes 2712883

In other words, 2.7Gb in 8/9 days.

I'm not sure I'd call that noise :-)

Regards, Dave.

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