On 2015-12-11 17:00:01 +0300, Aleksander Alekseev wrote:
> The problem is that code between LWLockAcquire (lock.c:881) and
> LWLockRelease (lock.c:1020) can _sometimes_ run up to 3-5 ms. Using
> old-good gettimeofday and logging method I managed to find a bottleneck:
> -- proclock = SetupLockInTable [lock.c:892]
>  `-- proclock = (PROCLOCK *) hash_search_with_hash_value [lock.c:1105]
>    `-- currBucket = get_hash_entry(hashp) [dynahash.c:985]
>      `-- SpinLockAcquire(&hctl->mutex) [dynahash.c:1187]
> If my measurements are not wrong (I didn't place gettimeofday between
> SpinLockAquire/SpinLockRelease, etc) we sometimes spend about 3 ms here
> waiting for a spinlock, which doesn't seems right.

Well, it's quite possible that your process was scheduled out, while
waiting for that spinlock. Which'd make 3ms pretty normal.

I'd consider using a LWLock instead of a spinlock here. I've seen this
contended in a bunch of situations, and the queued behaviour, combined
with directed wakeups on the OS level, ought to improve the worst case
behaviour measurably.


Andres Freund

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