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>> It'd really like to see it being replaced by a queuing lock
>> (i.e. lwlock) before we go there. And then maybe partition the
>> freelist, and make nentries an atomic.
> I believe I just implemented something like this (see attachment). The
> idea is to partition PROCLOCK hash table manually into NUM_LOCK_
> PARTITIONS smaller and non-partitioned hash tables. Since these tables
> are non-partitioned spinlock is not used and there is no lock
> contention.

Oh, that's an interesting idea.  I guess the problem is that if the
freelist is unshared, then users might get an error that the lock
table is full when some other partition still has elements remaining.

> On 60-core server we gain 3.5-4 more TPS according to benchmark
> described above. As I understand there is no performance degradation in
> other cases (different CPU, traditional pgbench, etc).

3.5-4 more TPS, or 3.5 times more TPS?  Can you share the actual numbers?

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