On 12/14/2015 01:57 PM, Merlin Moncure wrote:
This may be moot; some testing demonstrated that libedit was not
impacted so it really comes down to having the right readline api call
available.  Looking at the code ISTM that libedit resets the terminal
on every prompt.

Did you manage to figure out why one was better than the other? The differences between the functions seem rather subtle.


Does not respect the COLUMNS and ROWS environment variables.


Internal callback, does the same thing as
rl_reset_screen_size() except that it also respects COLUMNS and ROWS.


Respects COLUMNS and ROWS and also has some logic when echo mode is turned on which I have not managed to understand yet.

Btw, really nice to see someone working at this. It has bugged me a long time.


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