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> Hi All,
> postgres_fdw documentation says following about use_remote_estimate
> (http://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/postgres-fdw.html)
> --
> use_remote_estimate
> This option, which can be specified for a foreign table or a foreign server,
> controls whether postgres_fdw issues remote EXPLAIN commands to obtain cost
> estimates. A setting for a foreign table overrides any setting for its
> server, but only for that table. The default is false.
> --
> I am trying to see, how should we use this option in the context of join
> pushdown and for
> that matter any pushdown involving more than one table.
> I came up with following arguments
> 1. Foreign base relations derive their use_remote_estimate setting either
> from the server setting or the per table setting. A join between two foreign
> relations should derive its use_remote_estimate setting from the joining
> relations (recursively). This means that we will use EXPLAIN to estimate
> costs of join if "all" the involved base foreign relations have
> use_remote_estimate true (either they derive it from the server level
> setting or table level setting).
> 2. Similar to 1, but use EXPLAIN to estimate costs if "any" of the involved
> base foreign relations have use_remote_estimate is true.
> 3. Since join between two foreign relations is not a table level phenomenon,
> but a server level phenomenon, we should use server level setting. This
> means that we will use EXPLAIN output to estimate costs of join if the
> foreign server has use_remote_estimate true, irrespective of the setting for
> individual foreign relations involved in that join.
> Unfortunately the documentation and comments in code do not say much about
> the intention (i.e. why and how is this setting expected to be used) of this
> setting in the context or server.
> The intention behind server level setting is more confusing. It does not
> override table level setting, so it is not intended to be used for a
> prohibitive reason like e.g. server doesn't support EXPLAIN the way it will
> be interpreted locally. It seems to act more like a default in case table
> level setting is absent. User may set table level use_remote_estimate to
> true, if cost of EXPLAIN is very small compared to that of table scan (with
> or without indexes) or adding conditional clauses to the query alters the
> costs heavily that the cost of EXPLAIN itself is justified. But I can be
> wrong about these intentions.
> If we go by the above intention behind table level setting, 2nd argument
> makes more sense as the table for which use_remote_estimate is true, can
> change the cost of join heavily because of the clauses in the join and it's
> better to get it from the foreign server than guessing it locally.
> Comments/suggestions are welcome.

I like option #2.  I don't really have a strong reason for that, but
it feels intuitive to me that we err on the side of using remote
estimates when in doubt.

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