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> attached is v1 of one of the hashjoin improvements mentioned in September in
> the lengthy thread [1].
> The main objection against simply removing the MaxAllocSize check (and
> switching to MemoryContextAllocHuge) is that if the number of rows is
> overestimated, we may consume significantly more memory than necessary.
> We run into this issue because we allocate the buckets at the very
> beginning, based on the estimate. I've noticed we don't really need to do
> that - we don't really use the buckets until after the Hash node completes,
> and we don't even use it when incrementing the number of batches (we use the
> dense allocation for that).
> So this patch removes this - it postpones allocating the buckets to the end
> of MultiExecHash(), and at that point we know pretty well what is the
> optimal number of buckets.
> This makes tracking nbuckets_optimal/log2_nbuckets_optimal unnecessary, as
> we can simply use nbuckets/log2_nbuckets for that purpose. I've also removed
> nbuckets_original, but maybe that's not a good idea and we want to keep that
> information (OTOH we never use that number of buckets).
> This patch does not change the estimation in ExecChooseHashTableSize() at
> all, because we still need to do that to get nbucket/nbatch. Maybe this is
> another opportunity for improvement in case of overestimates, because in
> that case it may happen that we do batching even when we could do without
> it. So we might start with nbuckets=1024 and nbatches=1, and only switch to
> the estimated number of batches if really needed.
> This patch also does not mess with the allocation, i.e. it still uses the
> MaxAllocSize limit (which amounts to ~256MB due to the doubling, IIRC), but
> it should make it easier to do that change.

If this doesn't regress performance in the case where the number of
buckets is estimated accurately to begin with, then I think this is a
great idea.  Can you supply some performance tests results for that
case, and maybe some of the other cases also?

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