Hello Michael,

I'm not sure whether we are talking about the same thing:
 - there a "double" type managed within expressions, but not variables
 - there is a double() function, which takes an int and casts to double

I understood that you were suggesting to remove all "double" expressions,
but now it seems to be just about the double() function.

There is indeed a misunderstanding here: I meant from the start the
removal of only the "double" function.

Ok. I clearly misunderstood everything...

It would be nice to keep as user-visible only things that have some meaning.

Why not.

The purpose of some of these functions what to show how the function infrastructured extended, as was asked on the thread. The really useful ones in the bunch are the arithmetic operators and randoms generators.

[...] Well, if there were doubles as return results really allocated as doubles in variables having both would make sense. And honestly something like sqrt that returns an integer when allocated in a variable is really surprising.. And as you mentioned upthread there is no real meaning to have doubles variable types that can be allocated.

So you would just like to remove double double(int) and double sqrt(double) from the patch, and basically that is all? int int(double)??
debug??? (hmmm, useful debugging a non trivial expression).


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