Hello Michaƫl,

1) When precising a negative parameter in the gaussian and exponential
functions an assertion is triggered:
Assertion failed: (parameter > 0.0), function getExponentialRand, file
pgbench.c, line 494.
Abort trap: 6 (core dumped)
An explicit error is better.

Ok for assert -> error.

2) When precising a value between 0 and 2, pgbench will loop
infinitely. For example:
\set cid debug(random_gaussian(-100, 100, 0))
In both cases we just lack sanity checks with PGBENCH_RANDOM,
those checks would be better if moved into getExponentialRand & co
with the assertions removed. I would personally have those functions
return a boolean status and have the result in a pointer as a function

ISTM that if pgbench is to be stopped, the simplest option is just to abort with a nicer error message from the get*Rand function, there is no need to change the function signature and transfer the error management upwards.

Another thing itching me is that ENODE_OPERATOR is actually useless
now that there is a proper function layer. Removing it and replacing
it with a set of functions would be more adapted and make the code
simpler, at the cost of more functions and changing the parser so as
an operator found is transformed into a function expression.

Hmmm. Why not, although the operator management is slightly more efficient (eg always 2 operands...).

I am attaching a patch where I tweaked a bit the docs and added some
comments for clarity. Patch is switched to "waiting on author" for the
time being.

Ok. I'm hesitating about removing the operator management, especially if I'm told to put it back afterwards.

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